F5 | F55 Rig

Camera Rig for the Sony F5 / F55

Product Code: MOV-303-1900

Suggested Retail Price £860+VAT

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The F5 | F55 Rig is designed for use with Sony PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 4K Camcorders.

This cage features the Top Handle Kit, Top Plate, Left and Right Side Brackets, LWS (Lightweight Support) Base Plate, Shoulder Pad Unit, EVF Mount, and LWS Dovetail Plate.

The Top Plate mounts on the top of the camera and features a Weaver rail mount, which securely mounts the top handle to the plate. The top handle mounted on the plate features front and rear extensions. The left and right brackets support the loaded camera in this cage system. The top plate, top handle, and left and right side brackets feature several threaded holes for mounting accessories. The LWS Base Plate mounts to the bottom of the camera and features two 15mm rods. The shoulder pad mounts to this base plate via the 15mm rods. The LWS Dovetail Plate helps in balancing the camera when attached to a tripod. The EVF (Electronic Viewfinder) Mount is used for mounting EVF accessories.

  • Camera Rig for the Sony F5 / F55
  • Provides optimal balance
  • Designed for the PMW-F5/F55


  • PMW-F5
  • PMW-F55
  • 1 x Top Handle Kit (303-1901)
  • 1 x Top Plate (303-1902)
  • 1 x Left Side Handle (303-1903)
  • 1 x Right Side Handle (303-1904)
  • 1 x F55 LWS Base Plate (303-1905)
  • 1 x Shoulder Pad Unit (303-1906)
  • 1 x EVF Mount (303-1907)
  • 1 x VF Plug Protector (303-1909)
  • 1 x LWS Dovetail Plate (303-1706)


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