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C300 MKII Base Kit


C300 MKII Base Kit

Base Kit Compatible with the Canon C300 MKII

Product Code: MOV-303-1500

Product Discontinued

The C300 MKII Base Kit consists of various interchangable components that can be added externally to the camera and designed to add extra stability to the C300 MKII. Each indiviual component can be interchanged quickly and easily; and when they're all attached they work together to ensure you have maximum control over your C300 MKII.

The rig is expandable and adaptable so that you are able to configure your own prefered setup tailored to your needs.

  • Base Kit Compatible with the Canon C300 MKII
  • Helmet and Top Handle Assembly
  • Quick Release 15mm Rod Baseplate
  • Compatible with ARRI Dovetail Plates


  • EOS C300 Mark II
  • 1x Top Handle Kit (MOV-303-1209)
  • 1x Riser plate (MOV-303-1230)
  • 1x Rossette bracket (MOV-303- 1126)
  • 2x 8" 15mm rod (MOV-206-0003-5)
  • 1x Universal quick release Base Plate (MOV-303-1125)
  • 1x Universal LWS Dovetail plate (MOV-303-1129)


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