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1DC | 5D Cage Kit


1DC | 5D Cage Kit

Cage Kit for Canon 1DC / 5D

Product Code: MOV-303-1400

Product Discontinued

The Canon 1DC | 5D Cage Kit is designed to improve stability, fuctionality and versatility, specifically for the Canon 1DC / 5D Cameras.

Includes a top handle and clamps to accommodate 15mm rods. Included in the kit for the EOS 1DC are a baseplate, LWS dovetail plate and hotshoe - and for the 5D there is a riser plate and hotshoe.

  • Cage Kit for Canon 1DC / 5D
  • Provides extra stability
  • Makes your camera more versatile
  • Sleek, but solid design
  • Additional mounting points
  • Enables the fitment of a Follow Focus
  • Lightweight


  • EOS 1D
  • EOS 5D
  • 1x Top Handle (MOV-303-1404)
  • 1x Top Plate (MOV-303-1403)
  • 1x Side Bracket (MOV-303-1409)
  • 1x IDC Base Plate (MOV-303-1402)
  • 1x Rod Clamp (MOV-303-1405)
  • 1x Rod Clamp (MOV-303-1303-2)
  • 1x IDC LWS Dovetail Plate (MOV-303-1401)
  • 1x 5D Riser Plate (MOV-303-1406)
  • 1x 5D Hotshoe (MOV-303-1403-2)
  • 1x 1DC Hotshoe (MOV-303-1403-1)


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