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Pan bar remote control for use with Sony and Canon cameras

Product Code: MAN-MVR901EPLA

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  • Handy pan-bar remote control for use with Sony and Canon cameras
  • Connects to camera’s LANC port
  • Adds flexibility and convenience to shooting
  • Improved control over pan-bar for added versatility
  • Wide range of remote control options

Clamp Accessory for Pan Bar RCs not included


  • Weight: 380g / 13.4oz
  • Camera Compatibility: Ref. CamCorder Compatibility Chart V06_15
  • Certifications: CE; FCC
  • Accessory Compatibility: MVR911APCL
  • Top Attachment: M6 screw
  • Colour: Black
  • Easy Link: No
  • Material: Aluminium, Technopolymer
  • Maximum Storage Temperature: 70 C / 158 F
  • Maximum Working Temperature: 60 C / 140 F
  • Minimum Storage Temperature: -20 C / -4 F
  • Minimum Working Temperature: -10 C / 14 F


2 year limited Warranty. Eligible for a free Limited Conventional Warranty Extension of 3 years – totalling 5 years from the date of purchase. Item must be registered here within the first year to receive this.

Handy, versatile, and dependable, this Pan-bar Remote Control unit is compatible with Sony and Canon equipment using the LANC (Logic Application Control System or Local Application Control Bus System). Allowing you to control your camera from a distance, you'll be able to save time and energy on you next shoot.

To use this remote control unit, simply plug a cable into the LANC port to connect it to you camera. Rather than running back to adjust and forth to take shots using your camera button, you'll be able to capture shots from a distance and keep a better eye on you subjects. Spend more time focusing on the shot and less on the mechanics of your gear with this handy tool. you'll also be able to better control the pan-bar mounted on the video head. This control allows you to have a second pan-bar which can be a welcomed plus for shooting on location.

With additional features such as a zoom direction switch, a maximum-speed zoom potentiometer, a stand-by push button, RET push buttons, record/zoom/focus indicator LEDs, controlled zoom and focus direction know, multi-speed zoom and focus knob, you'll have everything you need to get that perfect shot. Designed in Italy with the highest standards of quality, this remote control was built-to-last.

Manfrotto Clamp Accessory for Pan Bar RCs
Clamp Accessory for Pan Bar RCs

Attaches MVR901EPLA, MVR901EPEX to Pan Bar

Blackmagic Design


  • EOS C100
  • EOS C100 Mark II
  • EOS C300
  • EOS C500
  • EOS C700
  • XA10
  • XA20
  • XA25
  • XA30
  • XA35
  • XF100
  • XF105
  • XF200
  • XF205
  • XF300
  • XF305
  • XH A1
  • XH A1S
  • XH G1
  • XH G1S
  • XL H1
  • XM2


  • GY-HM170
  • GY-HM200
  • GY-HM600
  • GY-HM650
  • GY-LS300


  • PXW-FS5
  • PXW-FS7
  • PXW-Z150


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