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128RC Video Head


128RC Video Head

Micro Fluid Video Head

Product Code: MAN-128RC

Suggested Retail Price £91+VAT

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  • Ultra-smooth pan and tilt with fluid drag
  • Set up fast with an essential quick release plate
  • Crafted from durable aluminium
  • Fluid head tripod able to support up to 4kg
  • Flat base for connecting multiple attachments


  • Ball Flat: Flat
  • Base Diameter: 60mm / 2.36"
  • Center of Gravity: 55mm / 2.17"
  • Colour: Black
  • Easy Link / Accessory Attachment: No
  • Front Tilt: -60° / +90°
  • Head Type: Video / Fluid Head
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Maximum Working Temperature: 60 C / 140 F
  • Minimum Working Temperature: -20 C / -4 F
  • Pan Bar Included: Yes
  • Pan Drag: fluid cartridge with fixed drag
  • Panoramic Rotation: 360
  • Plate Type: quick release - with 1/4″ screw
  • Quick Release: Yes
  • Safety Payload Weight: 4kg / 8.82lbs
  • Tilt Drag: fluid cartridge with fixed drag
  • Top Attachment: 1/4″ screw
  • Weight: 1000g / 35.27oz
  • Working Height: 11.5cm / 4.53"


2 year limited Warranty. Eligible for a free Limited Conventional Warranty Extension of 3 years – totalling 5 years from the date of purchase. Item must be registered here within the first year to receive this.

Adaptable, smart and durable fluid tripod head. The 128RC Micro Fluid Video Head ticks all those essential boxes and more, making it the perfect video head for any professional looking for quality and versatility, not to mention easy usability. Getting picture-perfect results couldn't be easier even with cameras weighing up to 4kg, giving you all the flexibility you need to use the right gear for the job on the day.

To make every single shoot a doddle, this fluid head tripod has professional fluid drag on both the pan and the tilt axes. That means that you movements will always be super smooth, regardless of the shoot or the pressure you're under. And you'll be able to adjust your angle with just a few simple tweaks, speeding you actions up and allowing you to concentrate on getting incredible results. The quick release plate included only adds to this ease of use, enabling you to set up fast, and connect you camera within moments.

Designed from black painted aluminium, this stand is both stylish and hardwearing. It’s made in Italy, to world-class quality standards, and there really is no mistaking this quality craftsmanship from the minute you open the box. The aluminium body is able to withstand even heavy use, and it’s totally compatible thanks to its flat base. Because of this, you can connect a variety of tripods, so you'll be able to mix and match your equipment as needed.


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