Bi-Colour Studio light with DMX control

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The LG-S150MC is a bi-colour studio light with DMX control. High brightness, silent running with passive air cooling, 120° wide light dispersion, unmatched colour fidelity with a TLCI rating of 94+ and Ra95+.

LEDGO offers these lights as a 150W soft light for broadcast and TV and film studio lighting. Compared with traditional LED bulbs, the light can achieve an ultra-soft effect and create uniform lighting output without adding extra diffusers.

  • Bi-Colour Studio light with DMX control
  • Power: 150W
  • Power Source: 48V DC 3.34A, 100-240V AC,
  • Sony V-lock battery
  • Colour Temperature: 2700K-7500K
  • lllumination(LM): 12122LM
  • lllumination(LUX): 2700K: 4 788LUX@1M
  • 7500K: 5412LUX@1 M
  • Brightness Control: WiFl APP, 2.4G, OMX and dimmer
  • CRI(Ra):95
  • Dimension: 548mm x 609mm x 148mm
  • Weight: about 6.7kg

Daylight Studio light with DMX control


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