160 Bi-Colour LED Modular Dimmable Camera Top Light

Suggested List Price: £119+VAT

Product Code: LG-B160C

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LG-B150 / B160C Camera Top Light PSU

Product Code: LG-BPSU

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LG-B160C Bi-Colour Spare Filter Set

Product Code: LG-B160CFS

Suggested List Price: £15+VAT

These on-camera LED lights may be low cost, but they certainly aren't cheaply made. Ledgo professional lights are made from very carefully selected components. The technology is stringently tested for lighting quality and to ensure that equipment is safe to operate and durable. Because of this, Ledgo lights are consistent performers and deliver reliable results.

"My first acquaintance with mobile LED light, the LEDGO B160C in particular, went well. It is a versatile system that is simple to use, has high light output, accurate color reproduction, but also offers a very broad color spectrum. The color temperature of the LED light can be varied from a cool shadow to warm sunset. It is an ideal system for getting started with LED light, that is also simple to expand by linking multiple LedGo B160Cs together." 
CameraStuff Review

  • Bi-Colour LEDs
  • Combine multiple lights to make larger panel
  • Dimmer Control
  • Dimensions: 152 x 45 x 101 mm
  • Lightweight - 254g
  • Power Source: 7.2-12V DC
  • Power: 9.6W*
  • Superior CRI response
  • Illumination (LM): 1130 lm
  • Illumination (LUX): 1m: 720 | 2m: 190 | 3m: 110 | 4m: 70 | 5m: 40
  • Power from Sony NP-F battery, AA battery caddy or Panasonic CGR-D battery adaptor plate (batteries not supplied)
  • AC power adaptor available as a separate purchase - see LG-BPSU

Download the latest Firmware and Software

  • 1 x LG-B160C light
  • 1 x Hot shoe adpater
  • 3 x Filters (diffuser, blue, magenta)
  • 1 x Adapter for Panasonic battery
  • 1 x Battery box (for 6 AA batteries)
  • 1 x Bag

*Please note Power Supply not included