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DigiMac Pro Mount


DigiMac Pro Mount

Mount designed for the Apple Mac Pro

Product Code: INOV-501-801

Suggested Retail Price £222+VAT

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  • Mount designed for the Apple Mac Pro
  • Allows for sufficient airflow, and quickly attaches or detaches from your work surface
  • Designed to stay on the computer at all times
  • Connects via a backing plate, receiver and slide mechanism
  • Equipped with industry standard 3/8-16″ thread sized holes, the DigiMac Pro backing plate and receiver connect with two stainless steel bolts
  • The slide mechanism is designed to pinch to the top of the Mac Pro’s outer shell via 4 aluminum clamping tabs equipped with 3M Bumpon Material
  • Constructed of 6061 aluminum
  • 3M Bumpon Anti-Slip Function
  • DigiMac Pro Mount
  • DigiMac Pro Receiver
  • Hardware
  • Mounting Instructions


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