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DigiClamps - Laptop Universal


DigiClamps - Laptop Universal

Designed to keep your laptop secured to the DigiPlate

Product Code: INOV-501-820

Suggested Retail Price £84+VAT

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  • Designed to keep your laptop secured to the DigiPlate
  • The cheese plate design allows the clamps to be positioned to allow just about any laptop to be used with the DigiPlate
  • Each clamp is secured to the DigiPlate using large thumb screws making clamping both easy on the fingers and very secure
  • Custom clamps with specially formulated pads will not let go of your laptop
  • Custom clamps available for virtually any laptop up to 15″
  • Custom stainless steel hardware makes securing the clamps effortless
  • Compatible with all DigiPlates
  • Clamps come in pairs
  • Constructed of 5052 aluminum
  • DigiClamps – Laptop Clamps
  • Height-Adjustable Shims
  • Thumbscrews
  • Mounting Instructions


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