Adapter Two

Adapter for Blackmagic Studio Camera to FieldCast 2Core Single Mode

Product Code: FCT-ADSTUCAM

Suggested Retail Price £260+VAT

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  • Anodized aluminum case
  • 200 (L) x 133 (B) x 62 (H) mm
  • Custom Rosenberger OSI Duplex (RDC 220) chassis connector
  • Integrated LC Duplex bend-insensitive patch cable inside
  • Single mode fibre 9/125

Adapter Two features a custom Rosenberger OSI Duplex™ chassis connector: now you can connect Rosenberger OSI Duplex cable connector straight to Blackmagic Studio Camera.

Adapter Two only changes the sensitive LC Duplex connection into a very robust Rosenberger OSI Duplex connection; all features of studio Camera remain completely unchanged.

Adapter Two is a robust all aluminum solution, built around a milled out block completely covering and protecting the vulnerable LC connections to the SFP of Camera Converter.

Adapter Two only covers the LC connectors of Studio Camera, leaving all other Camera Converter connectivity completely free and accessible.

Adapter Two mounts to the side of Camera Converter.

FieldCast Adapter Two
FieldCast Adapter Two


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