Adapter Four

Bridges FieldCast fiber optic infrastructure and opticalCON Quad fiber optic cable assemblies

Product Code: FCT-ADFOUR

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  • Robust milled out aluminium enclosure, pearl blasted and black anodized.
  • Features a Neutrik opticalCON Quad™ chassis connector on one side, and a 1 meter cable outlet with FieldCast 4Core connector on the other side.
  • The adapter accepts opticalCON Quad cable connectors, whereas the cable outlet connects to FieldCast 4Core Chassis Connectors, making it possible to use opticalCON cable assembles in FieldCast infrastructure environments.
  • With its LC Duplex connectors the cable outlet directly taps into the back side of the opticalCON chassis connector, so no extra adapter inside adding unnecessary attenuation.
  • Enclosure contains 1/4" steel insert to mount on tripod, rig, arm etc., and also has two extra M3 taps for attaching the adjustable belt clip.


  • milled out aluminum case, pearl blasted, black anodized
  • Neutrik opticalCON Quad connector
  • 1 meter cable outlet, tactical cable with pull relief
  • FieldCast 4Core male cable connector with color coding
  • 4xLC (PC) connection to back of opticalCON Quad connector
  • available in SM (single mode) and MM (multimode)
  • 1/4" steel insert in center of back plate, 2 M3 taps 47 mm. apart
  • comes with detachable belt clip and fixing screws
  • Dimensions: 75mm x 45mm x 33mm.
  • Weight: 280 grams


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