Elgato Light Strip Connector Set | Customize your Elgato Light Strip setup


Light Strip Connector Set

Customize your Elgato Light Strip setup

Product Code: ELG-10LAF9901

Suggested Retail Price £17+VAT

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With the Elgato Light Strip Connector Set, your custom lighting options are endless. Adapt your Elgato Light Strip setup to align, fit and flow the way you want. Create sharp angles and lighting breaks, and even repurpose offcuts to construct unique configurations. The Elgato Light Strip ecosystem brings state-of-the-art illumination to your studio. Ultra-bright RGBWW LEDs provide maximum scope for color blending and flicker-free light you can work with. Instantly adjust brightness and color via the app on Mac, Windows, iPhone, or Android. Ultimate immersion, granular color blending, instant control – it’s all yours. And with the Connector Set, no structure is off limits.

  • Customize your Elgato Light Strip setup
  • Repurpose offcuts
  • Two L-connectors (L/R) to create sharp corners
  • One T-connector to join three Light Strips at right angles
  • Two extension cables to join strips and create breaks
  • Clip extension to join two shortened strips at the solder joints
  • Two pin extensions to add a new connector to solder joint
  • Pin connector to convert female connector to male
  • Compatible with Elgato Light Strip (required) and Extension
  • Maximum Light Strip length 10 m / 32 ft (Light Strip and extensions combined)
  • 2x Clip to Clip Connector
  • 1x Clip to Pin Connector
  • 2x Extension Cable 20 cm
  • 2x L-Connector
  • 1x T-Connector
  • 2x Pin Connector
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