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Outside Broadcasting Vehicle (OBV) Solution

Datavideo Solutions

Outside Broadcasting Vehicle (OBV) Solution

Complete on-vehicle workflow for mobile event coverage

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The Outside Broadcasting Vehicle Solution is a fully-fledged production system that can be retrofitted into a van or truck. By taking advantage of Datavideo's vehicle rack system, we've created a powerful portable setup for large-scale video on the go. In addition to its portability, the OBV Solution can record the video program and stream it to the internet simultaneously (with internet access).

  • Video Production Vehicle
    The OBV Solution transforms an ordinary vehicle into a video studio on wheels.

Includes The Following Products

  • 1 x OBV-2850 Loaded Racks
  • 1 x CG-200 CG Software
  • 1 x DAC-8P Converter
  • 1 x DAC-60 Converter
  • 1 x NVS-25 Video Streaming Encoder
  • 1 x DVS-200 Cloud Video Streaming Server
Ready, Set, Present

Conferences, huddle rooms and presentations are fast paced environments where time is money and the audience does not like to wait. This is where an AV converter like the DAC-75T just thrives. Your speaker wants to connect their laptop and see it displayed or projected straight away. They may have VGA, DVI, HDMI, Display Port or even SDI. So not getting the picture and fiddling with tiny dip switches, in a dark room, is what they want to avoid. Especially when there is no tech guy around.


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