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Datavideo Solutions

Conference Solution

Produce multi-angle video in a conference setting using less products

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Producing and sharing your corporate conferences are easier now than ever with the KMU-100+. It simplifies the workflow by eliminating the need to use a video switcher and multiple cameras. All you need is a BC-200 4K camera and a laptop with your PowerPoint presentation connected to the KMU-100+ to switch your conference. Innovative technology in the KMU-100+ extract the 4K camera signal into four user-defined windows that allows you to zoom in on the 4K image. In addition, you can switch between these user-defined windows as you would do on a traditional video switcher using the RMC-185 controller. Simply connect the PGM output from the KMU-100+ to the NVS-30 streaming encoder, and you’ll be streaming your conference to shareholders or regional offices in no time.

  • Simplified Workflow
    The KMU-100 allows you to simplify your existing workflow by taking one 4K camera source and divide it into four different HD sources as well as switch from one HD selection to the next by replacing a traditional video switcher.
  • Ease of Use
    All the equipment in this workflow are extremely easy to use and set up for the benefit of having a low learning curve.

Includes The Following Products

  • 1 x TLM-102 Dual-Screen Monitor
  • 1 x BC-200 4K Block Camera
  • 1 x KMU-100+ Multicamera Processor
  • 1 x RMC-185 Controller for KMU
  • 1 x NVS-30 Video Streaming Server
  • 1 x DVS-200 Video Cloud Streaming Server
Ready, Set, Present

Conferences, huddle rooms and presentations are fast paced environments where time is money and the audience does not like to wait. This is where an AV converter like the DAC-75T just thrives. Your speaker wants to connect their laptop and see it displayed or projected straight away. They may have VGA, DVI, HDMI, Display Port or even SDI. So not getting the picture and fiddling with tiny dip switches, in a dark room, is what they want to avoid. Especially when there is no tech guy around.


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