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Core SWX Maverick Block Battery | Nickel Metal Hydride, travel safe block battery with built-in charging

Core SWX

Maverick Block Battery

Nickel Metal Hydride, travel safe block battery with built-in charging

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  • Nickel Metal Hydride, travel safe block battery with built-in charging
  • Capacity: 605Wh(14.4v, 420Ah, max rating 639wh)
  • Size: 9.56” x 13.7” x 5.3”
  • Weight: 28.3lbs.
  • Voltage Output: 2x XLR4p @ 14v(12-17vdc), 2x XLR3p @28v(regulated)
  • Max Load: 40A(20A @ 14v, 20A @ 28v)
  • Built-in Protections: Temperature(internal), Voltage(internal), Current(resettable exterior and internal)

The Maverick battery pack is the next generation, all encompassing block battery system for cinema and lighting applications.

Mobile Power Station with High Current Delivery

Built for high demand situations, the MV6 can sustain up to 20A draw on both 14v and 28v outputs simultaneously, plus provide USB and ptap outputs.

Built with premium Nickel Metal Hydride cells from Japan, this pack will sustain several thousand cycles of usage with minimal degradation and allow for easy aire shipping and travel.

Aux Power with Preventative Maintenance Functions

Being a complete mobile power station means you must be able to power all devices on location. The MV6 includes 2 ptap outpus (12-17vdc) to power auxiliary devices and a 5v USB output to charge mobile devices. The green Smarttap also can provide battery diagnostics on the internal cell packs within the unit and the USB doubles as a firmware upgrade port allowing fas "drag and drop" updates by plugging in to a PC.

Modular Build

Core designed the MV6 understanding the need for predictive service. The modular build allows for quick service and if necessary, replacement of the charger module and battery cells. Less downtime and labour time, equates to more uptime, useability and ROI.

A Friendly Form Factor

Understanding many already have shipping cases from their older block battery packs, the MV6 was designed to fit in legacy shipping cases.

With the new MV6, you can use the rear compartment, previously used for old charging stations, for additioanl cabling and accessories.

The Nickel Metal Hydride cell composition allows for easy shipment and air travel.

The form factor also works with the existing dolly install base making the Maverick and "on-dolly" power station.

Backlit Runtime LCD with Diagnostic Reporting

The MV6 features a Runtime LCS similar to that of our on-board packs. The LCD prides 3 phase status reporting;

  • Reports 100w dummy load runtime when not in discharge/charge
    (Dummy load can be adjusted to suit need through FW upgradesve USB)
  • Calculates remaining runtime when in use based on actual load
  • Calculates remaining charge time when charging

Internal Charging

The MV6 has a standard IEC AC input for charging from AC Mains. Plug the unit in to 110-240V AC and it will charge back up in 5hrs.

An LEC array in the handle illuminates when charging to display charge status from afar. The LED array can also display capacity status when in use. A recessed switch in the handle allows for control of the lED brightness as well as disabling the LED array.

Water Resistant

The Maverick was designed to handle the rigours of productions and we know that sometimges means inclement weather and puddles. It's all aluminium modular design provides a robust form while providing up to 7.5" of water resistance.

Core SWX Expands European Distribution Network

Core SWX, a leader in battery and charging solutions, announces Holdan as its new European distributor. Based in the UK, Holdan will offer Core’s full line of battery and charging solutions, including its latest Powerbase Edge and Nano-M Series.

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VoltBridge Mesh
Core SWX Maverick
Core SWX Maverick
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