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OpenGear SDI - HDMI Card


OpenGear SDI - HDMI Card

SDI - HDMI Card for Open Gear Converter


Suggested Retail Price £375+VAT

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  • To be used with the OpenGear Frame
  • Converts from SDI to HDMI video out with embedded HDMI audio.
  • Makes it incredibly easy to connect a huge range of HDMI displays to SDI based equipment.

Please note
Each Blackmagic Design Open Gear card occupies 2 slots. (Maximum of 10 cards per OpenGear Frame)

What's new in Converter Utility 7.1.1

  • General performance and stability improvements.

What's new in Converter Utility 7.1

  • Level A support for Mini Converter Optical Fiber 4K
  • General performance and stability improvements

What's new in Converter Utility 7.0.9

  • Level A support for Mini Converter SDI Distribution 4K
  • Improved timecode support for Mini Converter Audio to SDI
  • Improved locking times for Mini Converter SDI o HDMI
  • Improved EDID handshaking for Micro Converter HDMI to SDI

Download the latest Firmware and Software

  • OpenGear Converter SDI to HDMI


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