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OpenGear OGX Frame

Blackmagic Design

OpenGear OGX Frame

20 Slot OpenGear OGX Frame

Product Code: BMD-OGX-FR-CN-P

Suggested Retail Price £1,895+VAT

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  • 2RU frame with capacity for up to 20 OpenGear cards
  • Smart Front Panel
  • Smart Ethernet Control
  • Smart Power with 2 front loaded swappable power supplies
  • 600 watt power supply with integral cooling
  • Front LCD display for name, IP address and fault identification
  • FrameGlow customized identification and alarming
  • Support for analogue, digital, video, audio, SDI and IP modules in the same frame
  • Removable front door and air filter for easy fan servicing and maintenance
  • Standard DashBoard control system for setup, control and monitoring
  • Optional SNMP control and monitoring, and DataSafe card backup and restore
  • Includes preinstalled standard network card (MFC-8322-S)


Warranty information available from Blackmagic Design's website

Blackmagic Design OpenGear Redundant PSU
OpenGear Redundant PSU

Additional power supply for OpenGear OGX Frame

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