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Match Pack for URSA Mini


Match Pack for URSA Mini

Match Pack for Blackmagic Design URSA Mini - Dual AV PRO CFast 2.0 256GB

Product Code: AGB-MP-URSA

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  • Match Pack for Blackmagic Design URSA Mini
  • Includes 2 AV PRO CFast 2.0 256GB
  • Optimized for RAW Recording
  • Two identical cards of the same production
  • X-ray & magnetic proof
  • Shock, dust & temperature proof


  • Capacity: 256GB (per card)
  • Card Type: CFast 2.0
  • Dimensions: 42.8 x 36.4 x 3.3mm | 1.69 × 1.43 × 0.13"
  • Read Speed: up to 530 MB/s
  • Weight: ~ 10g | 0.35 oz (per card)
  • Write Speed: up to 430 MB/s

Qualified CFast 2.0 Recording Media for Blackmagic URSA Mini

The Match Pack™ for Blackmagic Design URSA Mini offers the full compatibility of two perfectly matched AV PRO CFast 2.0 media cards. Angelbird's Blackmagic URSA Mini-specific CFast cards are qualified in camera for optimal reliability, lightning fast write speeds and a low power draw to help preserve battery life. Ideal for technical shoots in the field or on set.


Since your creative flow should not be interrupted, Angelbird take great care to make sure these AV PRO CF 256 GB cards adhere to the strictest reliability tests.
Each AV PRO CF 256 GB card is goes through a intensive data integrity test, which pushes the card to its highest performance limit. This ensures that all the data written can be successfully read back.


The AV PRO CF 256 GB cards support a sustained write speed of 430 MB/s. This allows you to record with all settings, including 4.6K RAW 60p in dual card mode.
Angelbird also integrated their Stable Stream™ technology, which makes sure you will not expierence any frame drops while recording.


In this MATCH PACK™, Angelbird put two cards of the same production batch, which makes sure recording in dual card mode will go without a hitch.

Angelbird Single CFast 2.0 Memory Card Reader
Single CFast 2.0 Memory Card Reader

CFast 2.0 memory card reader

SDXC, CFast, XQD, CFexpress – which media card is best?

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  • 2× AV PRO CF 256GB
  • Activation code for the full limited warranty and additional free software licenses and content


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