SmallHD 500 Series At-A-Glance

Example of the user experience of the 501 and 502 on-camera monitors by SmallHD

Click here or more information on the 502

Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 and ALEXA Mini in Mürren - behind the scenes

A tricky filming environment of the Schilthornwith a crew of four: Teradek Bolt 2000 Pro and ALEXA Mini prototype from The Helicopter Girls

SmallHD SideFinder

Fully featured HD viewfinder with a flip-out 1080p display

Vitec MGW Ace

Eli Garten from VITEC shows the new MGW ACE, the first HEVC portable encoder, at NAB 2015

Metus Ingest

Hardy Morris From Metus talks to KitPlus about the capture, transcode and streaming solution Metus Ingest at NAB

Panasonic HC-X1000 sample footage

Panasonic HC-X1000 Cinema 4K test - One Sunday morning in Bramhall Park

SmallHD SideFinder @ NAB

NAB 2015: News Shooter-SmallHD

Panasonic AG-DVX200

Panasonic Reveals Their New Large Sensor 4K Handheld Camera, the AG-DVX200

Blackmagic Design URSA Mini

NAB 2015: News Shooter- Blackmagic Design URSA Mini

SmallHD 502

SmallHD 502 On-Camera Monitor | Product Introduction

Alphatron Tristar 4 - Richard's Payne's View

Richard Payne takes a look at the nearly-unbreakable TriStar 4 on-camera light which passed the BBC's TLCI test with flying colours.

Teradek's VidiU Mini with Live:Air

Launched at BVE 2015 in London, this new mini encoder pairs with Teradek's ground-breaking iPad App vision mixer for live production and streaming.

Datavideo HRS-30 Recorder - Player

Richard from Holdan gives an overview of the Datavideo HRS-30

Metus QuickCut

The new super-fast professional editing tool

Alphatron Tristar 4

Overview of the Alphatron Tristar 4

Holdan @ BVE 2015

Holdan @ BVE 2015 by Philip Johnston from HD Warrior

VariCam 35 at 5000 ISO

Michael Cioni compares various ISO settings including a very impressive 5000 and 10,000 ISO. From Digital Cinema Society

Panasonic AJ-PX270 Review

Matthew Abourezk from Talking Digital Media Group reviews the Panasonic AJ-PX270

Panasonic PTZ Cameras at BVE

Den Lennie talks to Richard Payne and Alan Head about Panasonic PTZ cameras at BVE 2015.

Streaming with Teradek at BVE

Richard Payne from Holdan and Richard Billet from Teradek join Den Lennie to talk streaming at BVE 2015

Datavideo HS-2200 and GoPro: 26 Bands Live at NAMM 2015

The GoPro Event Stage at the 2015 NAMM Show had over 26 bands perform live over 4 days. Datavideo live production equipment helped bring 10 GoPro Hero 4 cameras live to tens of thousands through a live stream, big screens around the stage and many more through the recording.

Panasonic's newly announced Robotic Camera, the AW-HE130

John Rhodes of Panasonic chats with Ryan Salazar of Broadcast Beat about the new Panasonic AW-HE130 Robotic Camera.

Teradek VidiU Mini @ BVE 2105 editor Dan Chung talks to Nicol Verheem of Teradek about their new Live:Air system and VidiU Mini streaming device.

Teradek VidiU Mini

Live video streaming has never been easier with the ultra portable VidiU Mini. Go live online to any Web destination or turn your HDMI-equipped camera into a wireless video source with the new Live:Air iPad Production Suite. Whether you’re streaming your church’s ceremony or sharing your high school’s sports game online, VidiU Mini helps you bring your unique experiences live to the Web.

Echo Express III-D

Sonnet Echo Express III-D Thunderbolt 2-to-PCIe Card Expansion Chassis Product Overview

Sonnett EchoExpress III-D and III-R Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis Overview

Greg LaPort from Sonnett Technologies presents their EchoExpress III-D and III-R Thunderbolt expansion chassis.

Sonnet Technologies xMac Mini Server Overview

Greg LaPorte from Sonnet Technologies presents the xMac Mini Server.

Sonnet Technologies xMac Pro Server Rackmount with Thunderbolt Expansion Demo

Greg LaPorte from Sonnet Technologies presents the xMac Pro Server Rackmount with Thunderbolt Expansion chassis.

Sonnet Echo Express SE I and SE II Thunderbolt Expansion Overview

Greg LaPorte from Sonnet Technologies gives an overview of the Echo Express SE I and SE II Thunderbolt expansion chassis.

4K Footage from the Panasonic HC-X1000

4K Footage posted by Philip Johnson from HD Warrior

Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 Field Test

Bolt Pro 2000 used with a DJI S1000 by Droneflight

Varicam 35 4K

The first footage from the new Varicam 35.

Panasonic HC-X1000 review

By Philip Johnston from HD Warrior

Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 Overview

Wireless HD-SDI / HDMI Dual format Transmitter / Receiver Set - 2000ft

Datavideo Multi Camera EFP Operation

Electronic Field Production

Panasonic HC-X1000 in use

Sample shots using the HC-X1000

What's New in EDIUS 7.4

EDIUS 7.4 is a free upgrade for registered EDIUS 7 users.

Panasonic HX-A500

We mount the HX-A500 to a helmet, car and wakeboard and throw it in at the deep end.

Teradek Beam @ IBC

IBC 2014: News Shooter - Teradek

Panasonic AW-RP120

The AW-RP120 full-size remote camera system controller has the capability to control cameras via both IP and serial connections to support the company's expanding line-up of remote camera systems.

Blackmagic Design Multiview 16

The affordable SD, HD and UltraHD Multiviewer

Panasonic HC-X1000

Richard Payne discusses the camera's lens, video specs and connectivity.

Metus @ IBC 2014

Olga from Metus talks about the use of their MediaCube asset management system in broadcast.

Sonnet @ IBC 2014

Greg LaPorte shows Sonnet's thunderbolt expansion options - such as the xMac Pro Server Thunderbolt 2 Expansion Chassis and RackMac Pro.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 and YAGHE

StudioTech 115 - The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 and YAGHE SDI Adapter

Video Management and Archive Tutorial -- Proxsys TC Archiver by VITEC

VITEC's Proxsys PA with the TC Archiver add-on is a robust single turn-key solution that supports both network and disk exchange to manage and archive NewTek TriCaster media files or sessions.

Using the Panasonic GH4 and the YAGHE

Richard Payne shares 5 tips to help you get the most out of the Panasonic GH4 kit

4K: Postcard from Phang Nga

Filmed on the Panasonic GH4 by Philip Bloom

xMac Pro and Thunderbolt: Sonnet Technologies at NAB 2014

Details of the Mac Pro enclosures, Thunderbolt 2 expansion units and the forthcoming PCI accelerator card

Panasonic AJ-PX270

AJ-PX270 Ultra Handheld Camera Recorder

Panasonic DMC-GH4

Photos to Impress, 4K Videos to Inspire

Datavideo CG-500

HD/SD Graphics & Character Generator

StudioTech - Blackmagic Design VideoHubs Overview

Mark Johnson looks at SDI VideoHubs from Blackmagic Design

StudioTech - The Teradek VidiU streaming device

Mark Johnson looks at the Teradek VidiU

Alphatron EVF

Rick Macomber talks to DOP Alister Chapman about Alphatron's new EVF upgrade

Teradek Bolt and Cube

Michael Mayers, Director of Photography on ABC's new comedy Mixology, utilizes Bolt and Cube for his fast paced productions.

Teradek Bolt Pro 2000

Teradek Bolt Pro: Long Range & Reconnect Testing.

Panasonic AG-AC8

Panasonic AG-AC8 overview - Philip Johnston from HD Warrior takes a look at the Panasonic AG-AC8

Teradek VidiU

Teradek VidiU - Quick start guide

Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 Field Test

Teradek Bolt Pro 2000 field test

Wireless video streaming and monitoring

Using a Teradek Clip, live HD video can be transmitted to an iPad over distances of 150m plus. All it needs is a Bridge Duo 2 receiver. This video features a GoPro shooting at 720p transmitting to an iPad 2.

Teradek Clip

Flying Fern Films test the Teradek Clip

Grass Valley EDIUS - Tutorials

Grass Valley EDIUS - Tutorials
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Datavideo @ IBC 2013

Nigel Cliff demonstrates the HS-2800 HD/SD 12 Channel Mobile Video Studio and also the DVK-300HD Live real-time HD chroma key and luma key solution

Grass Valley @ IBC 2013

Matthew Scott shows what's new in EDIUS 7.2.

Metus @ IBC 2013

Umral Serbest from Metus gives an overview of the Metus product range including Ingest, MAM and FlashNews.

Sonnet @ IBC 2013

Robert Farnsworth from Sonnet shows the New Echo Express III Thunderbolt 2 expansion unit and also the Echo 15 TB Dock 15 Port Docking Station with Internal Drive Bay and Optical Drive.

VITEC @ IBC 2013

Michael Chorpash from VITEC shows the Optibase MGW Pico Compact H.264 low-latency encoder

Teradek @ IBC 2013

Michael Gailing from Teradek shows the new Clip Wireless Miniature H.264 HD Video Encoder & Transmitter

Cambo @ IBC 2013

Charles from Cambo shows us the latest exciting products: CS-MFC-22 & CS-MFC-9 follow focus units

Panasonic @ IBC 2013

From the Panasonic Stand at IBC 2013, Rob Tarrant introduces the new AG-AC8 AVCCAM camera, AJ-PX270 P2 HD, AJ-PX5000 shoulder mount camera and the BT-4LH310 4K LCD Production Monitor

Studio Tech TV - Datavision Protective Cases

Datavision Range of Protective Cases

Grass Valley EDIUS - Highlights

Learn about the variety of features in EDIUS 7 that set it apart from any other NLE software available.

7 chapters
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Datavision Reporter Kit

3 x LEDGO-B160BC - 160 Bi-Colour LED Modular Dimmable Camera Top Light 3 x PLS - Portable Light Stand 1 x ABS Water Resistant Carry Case with custom cut foam

Datavision LEDGO-B150

150 Daylight LED Modular Dimmable Camera Top Light

Datavision LEDGO-R332

Dimmable LED Ring Light for Use on Location and in the Studio

Panasonic PTZ cameras

Richard Payne shows the HE120, HE60 PTZ cameras and the RP50 controller.

TV Bay Panasonic AG-HPX600

Richard Payne talks us through the Panasonic HPX600 and some of its features.

Teradek Bolt Best Practices

Optimize the performance of your Bolt with suggested mounting options and placement

Panasonic AG-AC160 Review

Panasonic AG-AC160 Review by Philip Johnston

Panasonic AG-AC90

Panasonic AG-AC90 footage: Tom Klose - Wayfarer

Teradek Cube and Bond Case Study

Brentwood Grand Prix with Teradek and Cycling Illustrated

Teradek Cube Case Study

UC Irvine Production: "The Dead Guy"

Teradek Bond Case Study

Bond with T-Mobile

Teradek Cube - Case Study

SXSW Feed the Beat: Teradek Cube in Action

Datavideo CG-350

HD Character Generator and Titling Software for TV, Video and Streaming

Datavideo DAC-90

2-Channel Audio De-Embedder

Panasonic AW-HE2

Dreamtek Presents: Panasonic AW-HE2 with Richard Payne

Focus FS-T2001 HD Field Deck and Media Recorder

The Focus FS-T2001 is designed as a Field deck for both recording and playback of XDCAM files. FS-T2001 incorporates the complete range of Sony professional recording formats including 50Mbps MPEG HD422 and XDCAM EX/HD. FS-T2001 supports removable professional media: SxSPro, SxS-1 and SDHC cards.

Datavideo OB Van

Datavideo OB Van @ BVE 2013

Cambo MPT head

Cambo MPT head shown by Charles Woods from Cambo

Cambo's DSLR and small camera system rigs

Cambo rigs demonstrated at BVE 2013

Blackmagic Mini Recorder and Monitor

Blackmagic Mini Recorder and Monitor With thanks to BroadcastShow

Panasonic HPX600, Ultra-AVC and microP2

Panasonic HPX600, Ultra-AVC and microP2: an interview with Panasonic's Nigel Wilkes. With thanks to BroadcastShow

Metus Ingest and MAM at BVE 2013

Metus Ingest and MAM Library, a discussion with Adam Levitt and Ugur from Metus. With thanks to BroadcastShow

Cambo @ BVE 2013

Charles Woods from Cambo show Cambo Rigs and Follow Focus

Teradek Bolt and VidiU

Teradek at BVE 2013 Explained by Nicol of Teradek.

Panasonic PTZ Cameras

PTZ Cameras explained by Richard of With thanks to BroadcastShow

BVE North 2012 - Metus Ingest

Multi-camera recording and transcoding

BVE North 2012 - Rhozet Workflow

High-Speed File-Based Transcoding Tool

BVE North 2012 - Panasonic AG-HPX600

The IT-connected P2 HD camcorder from Panasonic. Light-weight and future-proofed, it's a next-generation device

BVE North 2012 - Panasonic AG-AC90

Low-cost AVCCAM (AVCHD) HD Camcorder with HDMI

BVE North 2012 - Intratec Bridge and Bridge Duo

With IntraTec equipment, video signals can be transmitted in HD over very long distances. A great partner to Cube encoders.

IBC 2012 - Teradek Brik

Brik from Teradek: the ENG version of the Cube, with v-mount battery plate.

IBC 2012 - Datavideo MS-2800

Mobile HD Video Studio - Portable Production Unit (PPU)

IBC 2012 - Vitec Proxsys PA

A new asset management and archiving system from Vitec. It archives both media files AND video projects.

IBC 2012 - Optibase MGW Series

Enterprise-class encoding / streaming solution from Optibase

IBC 2012 - Optibase EZTV

The scalable IPTV Solution from Optibase

IBC 2012 Optibase Prism

Enterprise-class encoding / streaming solution from Optibase

IBC 2012 - Blackmagic Teranex

The Teranex can do it all - processing, standards conversion, editing and playback via a Thunderbolt system.

IBC 2012 - Panasonic AW-HE2

Markus Naegele from Pansonic show the AW-HE2 Low Cost HD Integrated Camera

IBC 2012 - TV One C3-340

A demo of the modular C3 340 Corio Matrix i/o and scaling system for AV and broadcast.

IBC 2012 - Teradek Link

Introducing Link - bond multiple cellular signals for instant broadcasting.

IBC 2012 - Blackmagic Design Mini Recorder and Monitor

The new tiny Blackmagic Design devices for Thunderbolt systems. Monitor anywhere there's an HDMI screen with Mini Monitor. Record to hard disk with Mini Recorder.

IBC 2012 - Panasonic AW-HE60

The new remote head from Panasonic with very low light capabilities and live video over IP monitoring.

Sonnet @ IBC 2012

Super-charge any computer system with this PCI card that adds SSD drives at top speed.

TV One @ IBC 2012

A demo of TV One's seemless Pip, Chromakey, audio embedding switcher based on the C2 8000

Cambo's PTM900 and EPT pan and tilt systems, plus the MFC-2 follow focus

Motorized camera controls from Cambo at IBC: - Pan and Tilt System for tripod-mounted cameras - Low-cost lightweight ethernet-controlled EPT Pan & Tilt Head for jibs - MFC-2 Follow-focus unit

AF101 with Leica Summilux 25mm Lens from Panasonic

Example footage from the AG-AF101 using the Leica Summilux 25mm Lens

Introducing EDIUS 6.5 from Grass Valley

Professional Video Editing Software Version 6.5

Panasonic AGAC130 and AG-AC160 Product Overview

AVCCAM (AVCHD) HD Handheld Camcorder with HD-SDI - the AC160 updated

Panasonic AGAC130 and AG-AC160 Auto Focus

AVCCAM (AVCHD) HD Handheld Camcorder with HD-SDI - the AC160 updated

Panasonic AGAC130 and AG-AC160 Function Knob featuring Focus Y-Get

AVCCAM (AVCHD) HD Handheld Camcorder with HD-SDI - the AC160 updated

Panasonic AGAC130 and AG-AC160 Variable Frame Rates

AVCCAM (AVCHD) HD Handheld Camcorder with HD-SDI - the AC160 updated

Panasonic AGAC130 and AG-AC160 Simultaneous Relay Recording

AVCCAM (AVCHD) HD Handheld Camcorder with HD-SDI - the AC160 updated

Panasonic AGAC130 and AG-AC160 Lensing and Varizoom

AVCCAM (AVCHD) HD Handheld Camcorder with HD-SDI - the AC160 updated

Panasonic HPX250, AC130 and AC160 compared

At BVE 2012 in London, Richard Payne of Holdan spells out the difference between these three handheld HD camcorders.

IBC 2012 - Teradek Bond

Three highly innovative professional streaming products for broadcasters, film makers and AV units.

Datavideo SE-3000 16 Channel digital AV Production Switcher

HD Production Switcher for Multi-Camera Productions

Teradek Cube turns the iPad into a monitor

The Teradek Cube instantly turns an Apple iPad into an HD wireless monitor for programme and film makers.