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Panasonic and Holdan Extend Distribution Relationship

In an important extension to its existing distribution agreement, Holdan is to stock Panasonic's first dedicated line of graded professional plasma monitors.

The new line of BT300 series 42-inch and 50-inch 3D full HD-ready graded displays are future-proofed specialist broadcast production and post-production monitors. Their excellent colour accuracy and stereoscopic 3D support make them ideal displays for content creators and excellent monitors for broadcast engineers.

The monitors will be stocked by Holdan for distribution to resellers in the UK and Ireland. They will be available from November 2011. They join the line up of Panasonic camcorders, vision mixers and data recorders that Holdan already represents.

BT300 series plasmas are the logical next step for CRT users: enhanced drive technology doubles the dark-colour gradation of the displays compared with earlier models. With superb image quality, smooth gradation and reliable colour reproduction, the models are perfectly suited to broadcast operations and for use in post-production editing suites.

Their stereoscopic capabilities will prove valuable to match signal outputs in multi-camera 3D shoots. Sporting HD-SDI and Digital Video Interface (DVI) inputs, users can switch between 3D and 2D input signals, a valuable feature for editors working simultaneously with 2D and 3D content.  Crucially, rather than correcting left/right 3D images sequentially, the BT300 enables both images to be on the screen at the same time, the preferred method of colour correction.

Welcoming the new range to Holdan's catalogue, Allan Leonhardsen of Holdan stated: “These monitors fulfil all the requirements for accurate monitoring but go much further with state-of-the-art stereoscopic support.  Their long feature list and colour rendering abilities make them very strong contenders in this vital part of the market.”

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Published: 25th August 2011