Sonnet Media Reader-Writers

Sonnet Technologies develops computer-based products and peripherals. This includes Thunderbolt expansion units, RAID storage systems optimized for video assets, USB, SATA and Firewire PCI cards to expand computer capabilities and Qio media card ingest devices. It also develops fibre channel RAID storage systems and SAN shared storage for Avid, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Grass Valley EDIUS workflows.

Pro CompactFlash and SDXC USB 3 Media Reader
21-in-1 Multimedia Memory Card Reader & Writer for ExpressCard/34
Professional Card Reader/Writer for P2, SxS, SD and CF Media (PCIe)
Professional CompactFlash Media Reader plus eSATA Host Controller - PCIe
Professional Card Reader for SxS Media
Professional Universal Media Reader for Mobile Rack
SDHC Card Adapter for SxS
SDXC UHS-I Pro Reader/Writer ExpressCard/34