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Teradek Cube-500

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1ch Wired Composite Video Encoder
Product Code: TER-CUBE500


Teradek Cube-500
Suggested List Price: £+VAT
1ch Wired Composite Video Encoder

Teradek Cube-500
Suggested List Price: £ +VAT
1ch Wired Composite Video Encoder
Teradek Cube-500
Suggested List Price: £+VAT
1ch Wired Composite Video Encoder

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Teradek CUBE shines in any situation

Live Event Broadcast

With Cube™, streaming Blu-ray quality HD video over the Internet has never been easier. Cube™'s native integration with Livestream means that no IT department is needed to create your own HD streaming video channel on the web. Simply plug in your camera, enter your Livestream user name and password into Cube™'s menu system, and begin streaming to your own channel. Integrating the live or recorded video into your own website is as simple as copy & paste. All that is required is a broadband uplink.
Cube™ uses standards based H.264 video compression, so IT savvy users can set up their own content distribution if desired. Livestream isn't required for Internet streaming, but it is an elegant turnkey solution. Large live events with multi-camera video productions can use Cube™ to stream HD video wireless from a roaming camera back the video switcher. Cube™ can also encode the output from a traditional video switcher, so you can begin streaming HD video to the Internet without upgrading your switcher.Teradek Live Events


The Teradek Cube™ is the smallest and most versatile wireless HD video device available. Cube™ is the world's first camera-top HD video encoder. Cube™ converts a HD-SDI or HDMI video signal into a HD video stream for distribution over LAN, WAN or the Internet. In its simplest configuration, Cube™ streams HD video over WiFi to a laptop allowing filmmakers to have a wireless, mobile, HD video monitoring solution. Cube™'s strength lies in its versatility. Users can extend Cube™'s wireless range by adding a WiFi router. Users can stream HD video to a professional monitor using the matching form-factor Cub™e Decoder.

The ability to view live HD video wirelessly significantly streamlines your on-set workflow, and provides the director, cameraman, and clients the confidence to say, 'We've got this in the can,' keeping your production on schedule and under budget.Teradek Cinema

E.N.G. Backhaul

Finding a cost effective solution for backhauling news feeds from the field has always been a challenge for news stations. News organizations traditionally had to rely on expensive satellite or microwave equipped ENG vans. More recently, broadcast backpacks that aggregate the video stream over multiple cellular data networks have become a popular alternative.

With the release of Teradek's Cube™ video encoder, news organizations finally have an elegant solution for streaming HD video back to the station over a single IP network connection. Cube™ is the world's first camera-top, H.264 HD video encoder. Cube™ mounts easily to any camera using a 1/4-20 screw or hotshoe mount and streams HD video up to 1080p over IP. The unit is tiny (about the size of a deck of cards) and uses only 3 watts of 9-24V DC, so it doesn't impede in the mobility of even the smallest camera rigs. The unit features both wired Ethernet outputs and WiFi, and buyers can choose between HD-SDI or HDMI inputs.

Getting video onto and off-of the public Internet presents challenges, but with Cube™ the solution is simple. The unit features RTSP Announce to easily broadcast from behind firewalls. On the receiving end, the station has several choices. One option is to simply host a computer with a public IP address (which most stations likely already have installed) and direct the video stream to it. Another option is to use Cube™'s native Livestream integration. Users with a Livestream account can simply logon to the unit's web user interface and enter a user name and password to begin broadcasting via their Livestream channel. Livestream users can choose between public webcasting, or making the channel private, so that the in-the-field news can stream privately and discreetly back to the station for broadcast distribution. Teradek ENG

Teradek Cube-500

1ch Wired Composite Video Encoder
Suggested List Price: £ 695 +VAT

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Teradek Cube-500
1ch Wired Composite Video Encoder



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