Datavideo CG-350

HD/SD Character Generator
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The CG-350 is an extremely powerful titling program designed especially for the live broadcast and video post production environment. It comes with a very flexible, easy to use, Title Compose program for creating high quality title pages . Once the title pages have been composed, they can be displayed automatically or completely under Manual Control.

A display list can be created ahead of time to make on air usage a simple, one keystroke operation, or you can randomly select the title pages while on air. Even with a display list, you still maintain the flexibility for those last minute changes.

CG-350 can also be used to display standard format graphic images as well as text animation sequences. Text animations sequences are created by the title composer using the text FX features. Title pages, graphic images and text animation sequences can be freely intermixed with one another in any order.

Title pages can contain Text, background colour boxes, geometric shapes, full colour graphic images as logos, and either a background graphic or background video. The text is created using truetype typefaces and can be sized, kerned, rotated, and italicized. Each character can have up to two edges and three shadows. The character's edges and shadows can be colorized with a solid colour, a vertical colour spread, a colour gradient (4pt, 5pt, or linear), or textures.

Media Catalogues
The Media Catalogue (shown below) is divided into three groups based upon the type of images that the software can display. These are titles, text animations, and graphic images.
These images can be quickly added to the Display List Editor to create a display list.

Datavideo CG-350
  • The Title Catalogue shows the pages in the current project
  • The Text Animation Catalogue shows the text animations that have been created and pre-rendered with the Title Composer
  • The Graphic Image Catalogue shows the graphic images stored in the folders that are included in the Catalogue

Datavideo CG-350Display List Editor
The Display List Editor is used to create and edit display lists. You can add, delete, and duplicate images here. An image can be added here by double clicking it in the Media Catalogue or dragging it from the Media Catalogue and dropping it into the Display List. You can also change the order of the images in this window using "drag and drop". This will change the order that the pages will be displayed. You can also randomly select the next page to display for those "last minute" changes.

Datavideo CG-350Preview Window
The program previews an image before it is displayed to ensure that the wrong one won't be shown. The Preview Window previews the next Image to be shown. Use "drag and drop" to drag the page to be previewed from either the Display List or the Media Catalogue. Double clicking on an image in the Display List can also be used to select an image to be previewed. The size of this window can be controlled from the "View" Menu.

Datavideo CG-350Preview Control Buttons
The Preview Control Buttons are used to control the previewed image.
It has the following buttons:

  • Edit Title:
    This button will start the Title Composer and load the previewed page into it
  • Start Auto Sequence:
    This button starts automatically sequencing the images in the Display List.
  • Page Off:
    This button removes the image from the video output.
  • Display Previewed Page:
    This button displays the previewed page on the video output.
  • Display Image and Preview Next:
    This button displays the previewed page (just like "Display Previewed Page"). It also previews the next page in the Display List.


Technology Guides

Guide to Datavideo CG Software

On screen titles, subtitles and visual information can turn a video into a programme.

No news programme, weather forecast, sports commentary, live interview or webcast is complete without accompanying graphics.

CG is a fundamental part of all video communications: it's used to introduce the name and title of an interviewee, show the time on-screen, add subtitles, present live sports stats to viewers, and much, much more.

To deliver real-time graphics, there are three software options... 

  • Desktop graphics software can create beautiful CG but don't deliver the speed and play out control that live producers require. 

  • An-air broadcast graphics systems benefit from multiple operators, live database integration, fast 3D results, multiple play out options, multi-channel support and media asset management capabilities. However, they are costly and complex.

  • Datavideo’s CG software delivers the best of both: an easy-to-use, highly creative software solution that runs on standard Windows computers with SDI or HDMI graphics boards. It offers play out controls, ranging from actions triggered by the vision mixer to sophisticated playlist-based play out schedules. It’s a fast, dynamic and high quality solution.

There is a huge gulf between inexpensive but limited graphics and presentation software (Powerpoint, Keynote, Photoshop and After Effects) and full-blown database driven broadcast graphics solutions. Datavideo's CG software fills the gap.


Graphics &
presentation software
On-Air Broadcast
Graphics Systems
Low cost Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Short learning curve Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Low-cost hardware Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Optimized for live production No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manual playout control No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Playlist / scheduling No Yes No Yes Yes
Database integration No Yes No No Yes
Live 3D graphics Yes* Yes No No Yes
Fast graphics rendering No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Keyframe control Yes* Yes No No Yes
SD resolution Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
HD resolution Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Template-based No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Media library No Yes No Yes Yes

*Dependent on version of software

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Datavideo CG-350

HD Character Generator and Titling Software for TV, Video and Streaming

Datavideo CG-350
HD/SD Character Generator

What's in the box?

  • CG-350 Instruction Manual
  • CG-350 Installation CD-ROM
  • CG-350 USB Hardware Key

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